Srini's Nice Reads - Aug 10, 2020

Nice Reads is an attempt to tell people the articles which I enjoyed.. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook for introducing such nice reads...

How to Stop Being a Worrier and Connect to the Present Moment:

    An amazing article, trying to explain the benefits of meditation in a simple way. Even if you are not interested in meditation, it worth the time.

The Reality of Being a Work From Home Parent:

    Are you a parent who is working from home? or do you think that working from home is easy? Please read this one..

Don’t let a fact that could change bring you down:

    Does our present burdens define our future? A short post with a crisp example on self motivation.

Meet the real people behind these famous Norman Rockwell paintings:

     A post on the Norman Rockwell paintings and their, now, aged models.


    Are you stressed out? This post offers some tips to coping up with stress.

This ends today's nice read. Will see you with another set of posts.