Srinisspace - Arjun & Chaitanya - Gyanganj

It is a chilled morning. The sun is trying to get through the window. There is a constant struggle between the warm sun light and the cold breeze of Himalayas.


Arjun sits in the couch and having hot comfort coffee while Chaitanya watches the Sun rise in Himalayas through the hotel window with a sip of tea.

Arjun: Wow.. These Himalayas always amaze me. These chilling wind, the icy view of the mountains from here.. We have to come atleast once in a year or one should stay forever in this place.

Without turning his head, Chaitanya replied : Well well well, one cannot probably list all the amazing things about Himalayas. But there believed to be mysterious place in Himalayas. If you somehow ended up there, you can live there forever and can able to list all the amazing things in Himalayas..

Chaitanya’s sight on Himalayas is more sharper than his words.

Arjun: What? Mysterious place? Another forklore? Like stonehenge??

Chaitanya turned towards Arjun and replied

Chaitanya: There are many stories about hidden places in the world history. But this one is for sure spine-tingling.

Arjun: I am eager to hear that. Go on.

Chaitanya: It is believed that there is a place in Himalayas called as Gyanganj. It is a place of elevated people.

Arjun: Elevated people?

Chaitanya: Yes. It is hidden from the normal people. Only the people who attained self-realization can go there. It is a legend that is still believed to be true.

Arjun: So what is in that place?

Chaitanya: It is believed that this place is full of enlightened people and filled with the grace of nature. It is a belief that these peoples influence the world in subtle ways.

Enlighten souls

Photo by nhan thai from Pexels

Arjun: You mean the people in a hidden place influence the world?

Chaitanya: The people in that place are believed to be enlightened and one who is able to attain such position is only allowed in that place. That too with the help of Guru. If one is capable of attaining such high position as per Hinduism, then its easy for him to influence or pass positive waves in others life when needed. right?

Arjun: Oh.. Yes… Out of nowhere how we came to know about this place?

Chaitanya: Many believes that Gyanganj , Siddhashrama, Shambala or Shangri La all refers to the same place. There are many references in hindu scriptures about Siddhashrama. Shambala and Shangri La are Tibetan terms for the same place.

Arjun: Tibetans? How they know about it?

Chaitanya: This place is not for a specific set of people. Whoever enlightened , believed to be able to reach there. (Showing the cup) We call it as tea in English and a person from other language may call it in his language. It doesn’t mean both are different. right? Tea is always taste same even the language differs (Taking a deep sip).

Arjun: Ok.. How to reach that place?

Chaitanya: There are some route specifications in Buddhist scriptures but they are ambiguous. Only the elevated can possibly go there.

Arjun(Grinning): Interesting…Shall we go there?

Chaitanya(Smiling): Go there? Lets see !!!