Srinisspace - Arjun & Chaitanya - Stonehenge

“There was an old women who lived in Ireland and had very big stones in possession. Planning to steal them, Satan dressed like a gentleman and approached that lady to get the stones for a large bag of gold coins. When she reluctant to sell them, it said that she can have as much as coins she counts when satan move the stones. Believing that such a gentleman wouldn’t be able to move the stones faster, she accepted and started to count the coins. But cunningly Satan moved all the stones using its magical powers to Salisbury plains and kept all gold for itself.

Using the stones, satan made a structure of ring and boasted to the local people that no one can count the stones. People tried and failed. Everytime the stone gave different counts. Atlast one friar came and he accepted Satan’s challenege. When asked what is the count of the stones, he answered ‘More than be counted’ which means evertime the stone count will increase. Upon hearing the right answer, Satan was angry and threw a stone at him. The stone bounced off from Friar’s heel and landed in a distance. That stone is called ‘Heel Stone'”.When finished reading the story, Arjun closed the webpage and turned to chaitanya.

Chaitanya was playing Age of empires, one of his favorite game and turned to see Arjun’s face. He asked Arjun what happened.

Arjun : I read a folklore about some ring formation of big stones. It is an usual folklore in which Devil lost in the end.

Chaitanya : Are you talking about Stonehenge in Salisbury plains?

Arjun : Wow.. Yes.. The story has references to Salisbury. So you know about it?

Chaitanya : Yes.. There is a village Amesbury in Wiltshire, England. Near to that village these big stone structures are available even today. It is called as Stonehenge.

Arjun : Stonehenge? It might have been constructed recently.

Chaitanya : No Arjun, the stones are 5000 years old and archeological evidence says that the stones were brought from a place which is 19 miles away from Salisbury. Each and every stone in that henge is 13 feet long, 7 feet wide and weighs 25 ton.

Arjun : What?? How come people from 5000 years back would have moved those big stones for 19 miles? It doesn’t make sense.

Chaitanya : Yes. The people were from prehistoric time and so no one knows exactly how people moved the stones ans built this henge. There are some explanations how they would have done. There are some theories that they might have used logs to roll or animal grease to move the stones but no proofs yet.

Arjun : Moving these big stones using primitive tools might have taken a lot of time and man power.

Chaitanya : Analysts say that it might have taken 1000 years to complete it. A full 1000 years..

Arjun : Wow. These people who built it had strong will which passed to multiple generations. But why in the earth people need to build such big structures with primitive tools?

Chaitanya : Good question. But no one knows the exact purpose of these stones.
Some says it was religious place. Some says it as a healing point. Some debats that it was burial ground.

Chaitanya (continued with a smile) : And for your amusement there is a stone which is away from the stone henge formation, which is called ‘Heel Stone’.

Arjun : So you mean to say that the story may be true.

Chaitanya : Ah.. It is one of the multiple stories surrounding this monument.

Arjun : So there are other stories about the same stonehenge?

Chaitanya : Yes.. One story tells about the followers of Sun, who wanted to build a temple and created this stonehenge to please their Sun God. Another one is in ‘History of Kings of Britan’ in which stonehenge was originally placed in Ireland by legendary giants and replaced to Wiltshire by a wizard.A briton king ordered this replacement to built a memorial for a 3000 nobles who sacrificed their life in a battle.

Arjun : So many stories and information for a day. Let the scientists decide what is right and what is wrong. Whoever built it and whatever the purpose is, they had done quite an excellent work.

By finishing the conversion, Arjun went to the kitchen to make some tea while Chaitanya started to raise another empire.

Feel free to ask your questions about stonehenge and Krishna Chaitanya will try to answer your questions.