Srinisspace - Is failure first step of success?

“Failure is the first step of Success”, you would have heard this often whenever you felt down or you met a failure. This famous phrase often comes with an explanation that success comes with experience and failure teaches that experience.

I slightly differ from this statement. I accept that Success is the sweetest slave but Failure is the roughest teacher. But I have a second thought in mentioning the failure as the first step. If you ask me, trying is the first step. If you don’t want, you wont participate, if you don’t participate there is no win or lose. You will only be cheering for others.
So if someone tries, he wants to win. Even if he knows that he is going to lose, his eagerness drives him to try. Even some people will try with a hope on luck. So the first step of success is not failure, it is the participation and in my terminology all other steps are learning except the final step.

One may have potential, skills or hardwork. But to succeed one should have confidence. Without confidence, we won’t even try.

Every one knows the famous scientist Edison. He invented so many things and owned so many patents. Everyone admires him as an icon to follow and succeed. We are not going to discuss about his success story.
Edison was at his peak of fame. There were so many who were interested to become his partner. Many dreamt about it. Even with lot of money and skills, they were not able to become his partner.

One fine day a guy named Barnes arrived at Edison’s office. He was poor and didnot have any specific skills. He wanted to meet Edison qnd become a partner. Yes.. His statements were direct and confident. Edison looked at him and offered him a job as a sweeper in his office. Easiest choice for Barnes was to gave up. Instead, he accepted the offer and waited for his turn.

His patience finally paid off. Edison invented a machine called Ediphone in which his sales representatives didnot have interest. But Barnes saw his potential growth in that machine and made it as a big hit in sales. His plans and mamagement skills helped him to sell it and he became a multimillionaire in a young age. With all those accumulated money and Edison’s trust, he became Edison’s partner after two years.

Many would have dreamt, but he tried. He failed literally for two years, but the first step of his success started when he asked Edison about the partnership.

You might have dreamt about starting a business, following your passion or doing something you want. You might have afraid of what happens if it fails or what others think if you do. But the first step of success is trying. Until you try, you don’t know what will happen. If it succeeds you will be happy. If it fails, at-least you will be satisfied that you gave it a try and you will try harder next time.

Always Success starts with a simple try.