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If anyone ask who is the Genius that changed your views on science, everyone would have a great scientists in our mind to tell.

Do you know that there is a person, whose works were ignored by scholars at his time because of his informal education but now considered as one of the Genius with versatile knowledge on many fields?

Yes, his name is Leonardo DaVinci and he even didn't have a proper second name. Most of us know him for his famous paintings "Mona Lisa" and "The last Supper". But his talent is way beyond our imagination.

Why calling him as a Genius? For his arts?

Leonardo DaVinci was from earlier Renaissance period. It is the period falls between 14th and 17th centuries in European history which was the time the culture transitioned from Middle Ages to Modernity.

In those periods, there is no concept of specialization in education and the students were taught on all disciplines. DaVinci's passion was to learn his environment and he didn't limited his knowledge to a particular topic. He observed and learned everything around him with passion and curiosity.

It is the reason Leonardo had a versatile knowldge on many fields which includes but not limited to invention, painting, drawing, science, music, mathematics, engineering, geology, anatomy, astronomy, botany, architecture and paleontology.

He was considered as 'Universal Genius' (polymath), one of the most diversely talented person ever to have lived.

So what's his contribution to the world making him one of the greatest minds?

His observations are described as intense, minute with detailed recording. His methods were unorthodox and didn't similar to the typical scientists ways. He analyzed the things from smaller structures to get a good understanding.

In his period, his works were ignored by the scholars since he didn't went to any university and didn't learn mathematics formally. But his works are being recognized in the last 150 years and he is considered one of the greatest minds.

DaVinci's works:

His manuscripts provide detailed analysis ranging from art to anatomy, poetry to engineering.

His notable works are, a design for a flying machine, anatomy details of a human and its comparison with animal structures such as horse and dog, Multiple journals on Mathematics, Geometry, Aerodynamics, Hydraulic Engineering, weights, tractions and balances, Submarines, War Machines, Military Engineering, Optics, Geology, Paintings and Botany.

He is one of the earliest person who stated that Earth is not the center of Sun's orbit nor at the center of Universe. Anyone standing on the moon would see the earth with its water and earth would light moon as moon lights earth.

He designed engines which could be water driven and he demonstrated the usage of levers, winches and other equipments to lift great weights with ease.

His inventions were considered very futuristic so were very expensive at that time.

So many years passed and still his works are being appreciated by experts. Experts are analyzing his works using the current scientific methods and wondering. There are arguments over some of his works whether they were by Leonardo or not. And people are still searching for his works which are believed to be missed or lost.

If one wants to say about Leonardo DaVinci in short, these are the words from one of his admirer "Five centuries have passed, yet we still view Leonardo with awe".