Srinisspace - Science Behind Everything - Fuels

The sun shines hotter than usual. Even though it is 10 AM, it looks like 2 PM in the afternoon. Despite the weekend mood, people are travelling very fast. The traffic on the road multiplies the irritation. Mithran is riding the bike and Maha in the pillion, as usual asking so many questions.

Maha: Dad... How these birds fly? We can also fly if we have wings?

Mithran: Maha... I cannot answer your questions while driving. Note them in your mind and ask me once we reached home.

While answering, Mithran entered into a petrol bunk to fuel the bike.

Maha: Dad... The smell of petrol is nice.

Mithran(Smiling): Mmmhmm.

Once fueled, he started his bike to their home and reached in 5 minutes.

Maha(While entering): Dad.. from where we get petrol?

Mithran: We get petrol from bunks. and they get it from oil companies?

Maha: From where oil companies get petrol?

Mithran(Smiling): Maha, we get crude oil from oil wells. Most oil reserves are in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Canada, Iran and also in few other countries. From these countries, we are getting oil. Then the oil sent into Oil refinery for processing. As a result, we are getting multiple products including Petrol, Diesel and LPG.

Maha: From the same oil, are we getting these many products?
Mithran: Yes Dear.. Not only these, but there are also so many sub-products like Tar, grease are part products of Crude oil.

Maha: Oh… Dad... But what is this crude oil?

Mithran: It is a liquid we get from oil wells dear...

Maha: Like we get water from bore or well??

Mithran: Yes dear!!! But we cannot get it from all places. Only particular places have crude oil..

Maha: Why??

Mithran: Dear Maha, Crude oil is formed when dead animals or plants of large scale sedimented underneath rock structures for millions of years.

Maha: Millions of years??

Mithran: Yes Dear… That is why it is called non-renewable energy resources and it is very precious. We should not waste it. Actually, we have to use it minimally.

Maha: But we need fuel. Right?

Mithran: We have so many alternatives Maha... We can use renewable energy sources like solar energy, wind energy.

Maha: Okay dad. But you didn’t answer my question about birds... Tell me how they fly??

Mithran started to answer that question.

Let's see that on another post….