Srinisspace - Science Behind Everything - Rainbow

After heavy rain for the past one hour, it is reduced to drizzles now. Almost it is about to stop. The streets are again filled with people. The vehicles are busy and the pedestrians started to move fast.

The clock shows 5 PM exactly. The rush in the street is high and everyone seems to be in some kind of urgency. Some people are back home early and some people are trying to complete their work as soon as possible.
Amidst the noises in the main street, the inner street is peaceful and the trees in the two sides of the road are wet which gives a pleasant feeling to the walkers. In the big neem tree, at the end of the street, a sparrow is chirping with joy. Mithran, with a hot tea in hand, enjoying the rainy evening and the sounds of the birds from the building near to that big old neem tree. He feels the hotness in each sip of the tea.

A school van pulled over to the neem tree and started again in a few minutes. He smiled to himself and waited for the sound. In a few minutes, he heard the sound of door unlock and shortly after that, the voice of his beloved daughter Maha.

Maha: Dad Dad Dad… Where are you??

Mithran(with a smile): I am in the balcony Maha. Come here..

Maha: Dad... Do you know what I saw?

Mithran: But what you need to do first, once you are back from school?

Maha: I know!!! I’ll refresh and be back in a few mins. Don’t go anywhere.

After a few minutes, Maha arrives and takes a biscuit…

Mithran: Now tell me what you saw….

Maha: I won’t tell….

Mithran(smiling): Ok Ok. Sorry for stopped you... Tell me…

Maha(with surprise): I was coming home on the school bus and it was raining. I saw a rainbow... It was very colorful.

Mithran: then what happened...

Maha: It disappeared in a few minutes. The whole bus was discussing it. My friend told me that it was a bridge of gods... Is it true??

Mithran: My dear, You saw rainbow right?

Maha: Yes dad

Mithran: How many colors you saw?

Maha: Dono exactly... But I saw blue.. Green.. Red.. Yellow….

Mithran: It has seven colors... Violet.. Indigo.. Blue.. Green.. Yellow.. Orange.. Red..

Maha: Wow...

Mithran: It is not a bridge my dear. It is just an optical illusion.

Maha(confusingly): What? optical what?

Mithran (smiling): It is an optical illusion. It means that it is not true but we are seeing it due to some natural occurrences.

Maha(Sadly): Is it not true??

Mithran: Have you seen through a plastic transparent scale?

Maha: Yes…

Mithran: How it will be?

Maha: I can see different color shades..

Mithran: The same effect is caused by water drops and so we are seeing the rainbow.

Maha: But where those colors came from?

Mithran: Those came from sunlight. Sunlight has all these colors. When an object like glass or water-drops are there, it shows these colors to the person seeing through them.

Maha: So rainbow is made up of sunlight??

Mithran: Yes Maha.. Sunlight contains all these colors. And if you see the rainbow from a flight it will appear as a ring..

Maha: Wow!! It will be amazing!!! But there was raining in the afternoon also. Why there was no rainbow??

Mithran: Oh.. Dear.. Rainbows only appear in Morning or early evenings. It will appear shortly after raining, not at the time of raining. There are too many natural conditions for a rainbow to appear sweetie..

Maha: Oh..

When mithran thought that explaining the scientific conditions for rainbow is too technical for Maha, their conversation is interrupted by a voice “Maha... Its homework time”.

Maha: Yes mom…

Again raining started. Maha started her homework when Mithran takes another deep sip of the tea.