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Universe series – Mega Structures
September 16, 2019 Sri 1 Comment
In my previous post, we saw about Big Bang Theory and how Universe began. In this post we will see about the mega structures of Universe.

Our Universe is vast and infinite. With our current knowledge, we are unable to predict the size of the Universe. The Universe is divided into observable Universe and the Universe beyond that.

So what is an observable universe?
With our current technological advancements, we are able to analyse or see a particular portion of universe which is nearer to our galaxy. This universe is called Observable Universe. The Universe beyond that is inaccessible to human kind. The Universe is still expanding and so the Observable Universe is decreasing in size.

Mega Structures:
Lets see the further classification of Universe with an explanation about our position in universe as an example.

It is an illustration of Earth and Solar system’s position in universe for understanding purpose. The size, distance and position mentioned are is not scaled and not exact.
Planet is an object which orbits a star. Generally low density giant structures or small Rocky structures are considered as planets. Like stars, they won’t produce energy on their own. In simple words, whichever orbits a star but contains enough mass or giant in size are considered as a planet.

Our Earth is a planet in the Solar System and so far believed to be the only planet contains life forms. 

A planet will always orbit a star. A star is a big giant energy source which is usually full of Helium and Hydrogen. The source of its energy is nuclear fusion and fission happening inside it. Stars will eventually lose its energy over the time and become black hole. 

Planet Earth is part of Solar System and Orbiting the Star ‘Sun’ which is the center of our Solar System. Apart from Earth, 7 other planets and other small objects also orbiting Sun.

Multiple Stars form sub Galaxies and Galaxies. Our Solar System is part of Milky-way Galaxy and resides in the Milky-way Galaxy’s outer Spiral arm. 

Usually galaxy centers will have a giant black-hole and so the gravity near the center will be very high. Due to the higher gravity near the center, there is a possibility that the objects near to the galaxy center may collide and destroyed when exposed to another near by stars. 

Since our Solar System is in the outer arm of the Galaxy, we are away from those high gravitation accidents and that is a believed reason that Earth is able to sustain life forms for a long time.

Multiple galaxies combined and form clusters and super clusters. Our Milky-way Galaxy is part of Virgo Super Cluster. But later it was discovered that our Virgo super cluster is part of an even bigger super cluster Laniakea Super Cluster.

Apart from our Super Clusters, there are so many other Clusters and Super Clusters also found in the observable universe. In-fact what humans analysed and studied so far is a tiny part of a big ocean and entire human kind may not be able to derive the size and objects of the entire Universe.

Whenever there is a definite theory about universe, there is a discovery of new things which breaks the already proven theories. This taught us only one thing, “Nothing is definite and Dont stop learning”.

So Keep Learning and keep sharing the knowledge !!!