Srinisspace - Will you love the one who hurts you?

If you suspect this post as a philosophical one, then you are wrong. This post is about a physiological term and its origin.

Have you ever heard about stories of people who starts sympathy towards the people who hurt them? Yes, it is a type of syndrome and its called "Stockholm Syndrome". The origin of this word has quite an interesting story which happened in Stockholm.

In 23rd Aug 1973, A convicted criminal Jan-Erik Olsson was set free on parole. Once he left the prison, he entered the bank at Norrmalmstorg in Central Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and attempted a robbery. When two policemen arrived, he shot one and captured another one. Also he held four people as hostages and demanded release of his friend "Clas Oloffson", along with 3 million of Sweden cash.

Government released Oloffson and even arranged car as they demanded. But the hostage situation continued for 4 days and finally police entered into the bank by drilling a hole to the main vault from the apartment above and rescued the hostages and in due course, a police man was also wounded.

The real interesting fact is not the robbery. One of the hostage Kristin Enmark stated that she actually felt safe with the captors. She also stated that police might escalate the issue.

Even at the time of hostage situation, she called the then Prime Minister of Sweden as part of negotiation and stated that she was displeased with his actions of not letting robbers and hostages leave in the car.

After the capture, both Olsson and Olofsson were charged with extended prison sentence. But he met the hostage Kristin several times and they became family friends. Also he got so many admiring letters after this incident.

After this incident, the term "Stockholm Syndrome" came into picture to define a mentality of hostages who starts to sympathize the captors and even defend them.

There are so many similar incidents occurred around the globe.