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Srinisspace - Happy Life

The Farmer and The Saint: There is an interesting story about a farmer, which explains what is happiness.  The Farmer: There was a farmer in a village who always worried about his household. He had a big family with 10 members and all of them lived in a simple hut.  The Saint: To that very same village, a Saint came. For a few days, He stayed under a big banyan tree. People from and around the village came to see him and get his blessings. So our farmer also went to seek blessings from the saint. The saint asked the farmer to come near and asked about his wellness.  The farmer explained his difficulties in his household and asked his blessings. The Saint thought for some time and asked the farmer to tie the sheeps he had inside his hut for a month and he will be returning to see the farmer again. The farmer did the same for a month and since his hut was so small it just increased the difficulties he had. But he was keen on following Saint's order and waiting for Saint's return

Srinisspace - First Post

When I was a kid, I used to read a lot of stories. Let me try to explain one of them. Three Fishes And Their Fate:  There are three fishes in a pond and they are friends. They live in that pond for a long time. Their name are Wise, Reactive and Lazy. Three Fishes: Wise usually predicts the future and alerts its friends. Reactive only acts when something happened. Lazy reacts slowly and often accepts whatever happens as fate. The Fate: One day, some fishermen came to the pond, talked about catching fish in the pond the next day. On hearing this, Wise approached the other two and asked them to come with it to escape to the nearest pond through a channel.  Reactive replied that Wise is overreacting and it will do something if something happens and Lazy, not at all interested in leaving the pond. So the Wise escaped from the pond through a channel. The next day, the fishermen came and started to capture the fishes. On seeing this, the Reactive approached the Lazy and asked to come with him