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We might have thanked God, our friends & family, and even some strangers. But have we ever thanked our belongings?

It may sound crazy and you may think “why in the earth I have to thank a non-living thing? Will it change anything?”

To answer your question directly, YES!! IT WILL!!

In my childhood, I have read an article about thanking everything including living and non-living things. In that article, the author told to thank everything. He also believed that even the non-living things are part of this vast universe and the gratefulness shown will be returned in many ways. I had a strange feeling about that since it dealt with universe laws. No one better knows about it 🙂

Recently I saw a video about Arigato Money and it was quite interesting. Arigato is the Japanese word for ‘Thank you very much’. When I searched more, I found the same laws of gratefulness towards Money. Before diving it to Arigato Money, let's see how thanking actually affects an individual.


Some people believe that even non-living things will return a favor if we have an attachment towards them. Some people may think that’s stupid. Either it is true or not, But psychologically, gratefulness towards something or someone will have a positive impact on individuals and that positiveness built around us will lead us to a better life. As per some psychological studies, people with gratitude have personal growth, a higher level of control over their environment, and well-defined purpose in their life.

Everything that comes in our life will surely go and if we are grateful in all situation it will help us to balance our emotions. This positive approach helps us to stay positive in difficult situations.

Arigato Money

This Arigato Money approach believes that gratefulness towards money will erase a scarcity mindset and establish a good relationship with money.

In the Arigato Money approach, it is believed that thanking the money when we receive and spend will keep its flow around us. Whatever goes with gratitude will come to us again. If you thank the Money when you receive, its Arigato In and If you thank when we spend, its Arigato Out.

Ken Honda introduced Arigato Money through his book ” Happy Money Book “. He got his thoughts from the Millionaire Takeda Wahei who is known as the “Warren Buffett of Japan”. Most practitioners believe that the money circulation around them has increased significantly after start thanking the Money. Either it is true or not, but the thought of having satisfaction around our money circulation will have a significant effect on our happiness level and it will also lead to a healthy life.

Let's start thanking not only our Money but Everything & Everyone and have a positive effect on our lives!!!