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Srini is a Software Engineer by profession, and Blogger by passion. He reads books in his leisure time and few of those books made an impact on himself. So he started to ask some questions which resulted in his journey to master himself. Even though he is still in the journey, he thinks he learnt something on the way and wants to share. As a result, srinisspace born. He intends to push as many as people to start their journey towards mastering themselves. He really loves to share what he learns and hopes it will be useful to all. Please let him know if he needs any improvement. He is really friendly and will take everything as an opportunity to grow himself. 

Ah..  I forgot to tell those questions which steer him in this path..

"What I can do to better myself?"

"Why some people are always way ahead of most?"

"How some people find opportunities even in disasters which others are failed to notice?"

and it goes on... He will try to give these questions and their answers in his blogs. So don't forget to subscribe.

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