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Books are considered as a portal to another world. We not only read, but live and get some experience from every book. With every book we read, we are imparted with some knowledge and leaves an impact in our life. 

So, as a try, I am reviewing the books which I enjoyed or I think which will be helpful. I hope you guys will also enjoy these books. 

Recently I have read "You, Only Better" by Nicholas Bate. I have read many Self Development books, but this one is surely different from others. His style of writing, the practical approach and of course the hand drawn  illustrations are really awesome. 

The core of this book is not 'how to do things'. Unlike other books, he explains 'How to do right things' in this book 'You, Only Better'. He explains about different aspects in our life, which are all important and teach us how to improve ourselves in all of them. 

I don't want to give any spoilers but will give a glimpse of what is covered in this book.

What you can get from this book "You, Only Better"?

Nicholas Bate explains how you can excel in different aspects of your life and have a wonderful work-life balance. He gives various illustrations, all are hand written to explain his concepts. He also explains how you can increase your productivity, how to set you goals and achieve them.

What I liked?

I liked the narration and the way he organized the topics. Every chapter is built on the previous one. And while reading these kind of books, some of us will have our own set of questions. So he explained the concepts using examples and even tried to answer some logical questions, which we may have, at the end of each chapter, which is really awesome. Its kind of FAQ. 

I hope this much is enough and I will let you get your answers and experience directly from "You, Only Better" and Nicholas Bate. You can get the book from below link,

Hope you will enjoy the book and share your thoughts with me.

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