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How to become strong?

Everyone starts as a rookie in their field but how some selective people reach the top and others disappear in the crowd?  While thinking about it, I remembered two different stories from different eras but both are part of a war. The first story is about famous Achilles from Iliad. He is considered as one of the greatest hero in greek mythology. When he was a child, his mother dipped him in the river Styx which is supposed to give the powers of invulnerability. She dipped him by holding his feet and apart from his feet all other parts of his body became invulnerable.  He became a fearsome warrior and known for greater victories. In Greek Mythology, when he entered the Trojan War, he did amazing things but got killed by a wound to his heel which is the only vulnerable part in his body.  The second story is from World War 2, in which SRG(Statistical research group), a research group at Columbia University helped the Army to fix the military problems. One of the encountered problem was,
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13 Amazing Habits of Successful People

Habits are the formula for success. Habits make people's characteristics and define people who they are. If you want to change your life, as a first thing you have to work on your habits.  Every successful individual is different and so their success stories. Following their footprint may not be a good practice to be successful but identifying the pattern among them and following that pattern may help you to achieve your goals (Thanks Morgan Housel for this wisdom). When we try to identify these patterns among the successful people, most of them have some habits which helps them in their success stories.  Here I have consolidated 13 habits of successful people. If you can adopt as much as possible from the list, you can truly see the change in your life. Without further delay, lets see them. 13 Amazing Habits of Successful People 1. Early Birds Many successful people are having the habit of rising early. Not all the people who raise early are successful, but most of the successful

You, only better - A Review

"Disclosure: Some links in this post are affiliate links. means I get a commission if you purchase through my links without any additional cost to you." Books are considered as a portal to another world. We not only read, but live and get some experience from every book. With every book we read, we are imparted with some knowledge and leaves an impact in our life.  So, as a try, I am reviewing the books which I enjoyed or I think which will be helpful. I hope you guys will also enjoy these books.  Recently I have read "You, Only Better" by Nicholas Bate . I have read many Self Development books, but this one is surely different from others. His style of writing, the practical approach and of course the hand drawn  illustrations are really awesome.  The core of this book is not 'how to do things'. Unlike other books, he explains 'How to do right things' in this book 'You, Only Better'. He explains about different aspects in our life, which are

Personal Development Plan - 5 steps simple guide

A simple Personal Development Plan Guide, Contents: What is Personal Development? Why Personal Development is needed? How to work on Personal Development? What is a Personal Development Plan? The Simple Plan     1. Get a clear vision     2. Set a Goal     3. SWOT Analysis     4. Create a Plan     5. Execution Conclusion References Personal Development is a continuous process. Everyone wants to grow in their personal or professional life. But are we equipped to develop ourselves? That's a million dollar question. In this article we will see in detail about Personal Development and How to create a Personal Development Plan. What is Personal Development? The primary aim of our life is development. There is a quote "If you don't grow, you deteriorate". It is true for both Physical and Mental development. It is even scientifically proven that we start to shrink if our growth is stopped.  Personal Development is defined as the process of continuously enhanci

How to manage your time wisely?

Effective Time Management in the path to success As a revisit, lets see the steps in the   Path to Success , 1.  Belief 2.  Setting Goal 3. Targets 4. Time Management In our last post in the series, we saw about Setting Targets. Lets see how to prioritize the targets and achieve what we want.  There is a saying "When we correctly plan, we achieve 50% of what we intent to do". But the real success is in achieving the remaining 50%.  We have created our Goal and set the targets. In ideal scenario, the next steps are completing the targets and achieving the Goal. But, in real world, you cannot simply do it.  When you have the Todo list for a day in handy and intent to do it, you may find a large number of additional tasks pouring in or some of the tasks in our list may sound boring or tough to do. The real journey to success begins here, when you resist your mind to skip the unimportant tasks and face the important ones.  Lets see how to accomplish that. Time Management: One com

Path to Success - Target Setting Process

As a recap, lets see the steps in the   Path to Success , 1.  Belief 2. Setting Goal 3. Targets 4. Time Management In our last posts in this series, we have seen, How a belief can change our life and How to set a Goal . In this one, lets see about Targets and how it will help us to achieve our goal. What is a Target? When we define our Goal as our long-term vision with a definite date, Targets are tangible, actionable items. Target is a small chunk of our Goal. When we slice our Goal into yearly, Monthly, weekly and daily action items, it is called targets.  Why we need Targets? There is a popular quote by Desmond Tutu, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time". It is a perfect example of Goals and Targets. If our Goal is eating the elephant and our targets are "One bite at a time".  Our Goals are big and cannot be achieved over night. So we set targets to achieve it. In simple words, Targets are nothing but small Goals of short term.  Since targets are tang

Being Happy Every Day

There were two sculptors who lived nearby. They both were good at their skill and in process of creating their master piece. They dedicated their whole time to their master piece and worked on it days and nights. An angel admired by their dedication, granted a wish that they can ask anything they want to know. Both of them asked when their master piece will complete.  Angel told, it will check with God and will tell them once it is back. As promised, it came back and told the first sculptor, he will finish his master piece in 10 years. Upon hearing this, he started crying and replied 'Do I have to wait for 10 years to have my master piece?' Angel went to the second sculptor and told him that it will take 20 years for him to complete his master piece. It expected another drama but he replied with joy ' Oh.. Thank God' and started working on his sculpture. Confused by their reactions, it went to God again and asked why they reacted differently.  God explained that the fir