Two sculptors lived nearby. They both were good at their skill and in the process of creating their masterpiece. They dedicated their whole time to their masterpiece and worked on it days and nights.

An angel admired by their dedication granted a wish that they could ask anything they wanted to know. Both of them asked when their masterpiece would be completed. 

Angel told, it would check with God and would tell them once it is back. As promised, it came back and told the first sculptor, he would finish his masterpiece in 10 years. Upon hearing this, he started crying and replied 'Do I have to wait for 10 years to have my masterpiece?'

Angel went to the second sculptor and told him that it would take 20 years for him to complete his masterpiece. It expected another drama but he replied with joy ' Oh. Thank God and started working on his sculpture.

Confused by their reactions, it went to God again and asked why they reacted differently. 

God explained that the first one emphasis on his sculpture so he thought he would be happy only after he finished the sculpture. So the thought of waiting for 10 years to be happy, broke him.

On the other hand, the second one enjoyed the sculpting instead of being obsessed with the sculpture. So he was happy every day with his progress and would be more happy when it is completed. He was not creating a masterpiece but mastering his skill. 

This is the same scenario we are facing in our lives. Everyone wants to be successful and to be successful we have Goals, plans, and action items. 

When we think happiness lies in the goal, we start to chase it and fed up, if we find it is a long run. 

We are so obsessed with our goals and success and forget how we are excelling at our own pace.

But the people who emphasize the process instead of a goal, not chasing the goal but following the process. They know they are excelling at their skills and are really happy about it.

Does it mean goal setting is bad? Ofcourse Not.

All of us define the goal and the process. But people who emphasize on process, make it their daily routine to follow them perfectly. It becomes a daily goal for them. Achieving these small goals make them happy and gives them pride that they did a small of their bigger goal. 

Psychologically these small victories play a major role and make us confident. The sweetness of the victories drives us more towards our goals and keeps us motivated. 

Set a Goal, but dedicate yourself to the Process, rather than the Goal. Remember, happiness is not in the Goal because it will change once you reach the goal. It truly lies in the process of excelling towards the goal.

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Your thoughts become your Reality - The magical words, almost used by all entrepreneurs, PD trainers, Success coaches and idol.

But, from an average person's point of view, how could a thought become one's reality? Actually thats the difference between an average person and a person who doesn't fit in the curve.

Let's take a living example. When every country in the world believed that rockets can be used only once to launch the satellites, Elon Musk had a different thought.  When everyone believed he was crazy to reuse a rocket, he achieved it.

Once, women equality was impossible, Banishing slavery was impossible, Even landing on moon was impossible but now we are trying to land humans on Mars. How's that happened?

Somewhere someone had a thought that it can be done and that thought transformed as an idea. With an idea and a strong will people achieved what others think impossible.

A thought, manifest into reality eventhough it seems impossible, when the person has strong will to carry. But how to get that strong will? By keep on thinking about that thought. Sounds easy but difficult to practice. 

Any average person can transform themselves to an extraordinary by cleverly selecting their own thoughts.

We have so many stories on how thoughts manifest in 'Think and Grow Rich' and 'The Power of Subconscious Mind'. If you want to change your perspective, I strongly recommend you to read those books. 

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, you will attract positivity, you will find opportunity even in failures.

Be Positive, Choose your thoughts carefully, Set a Goal, Work Smart and you will find yourself with the lot of opportunities to achieve what you want.

And remember, Universe always conspire to make your thoughts come true. Are you making it work for you or against you, is upto yourself.

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Personal Development coaches and Motivational Speakers often touch this topic 'How Comfort Zone spoils people?'. 

Before checking it out, let's see what exactly is Comfort Zone. 

What is Comfort Zone?

People tend to think the position they have is safer and try to cling to it as long as possible when there is no issue. When there are no struggle, they become very comfort with what they are doing and avoid making mistakes, taking risks.

This zone, where they don't grow and feel comfort is known as Comfort Zone.

One may ask, what is wrong with it? Since there are no trouble, why one has to leave it?

Let me answer through a story,

There was a frog in a vessel full of water. The vessel was heated and the water became warm. 

The frog started to enjoy it and believed it's warm & cozy. It afraid the temperature outside of this vessel would be cold and rough. 

When time goes, the heat gradually increased and the frog adjusted itself to the heat. Everytime, it told itself that it cannot survive outside of this vessel.

When the temperature hit unbearable, it couldn't survive even inside the vessel and it wasn't able to jump outside. 

The frog had a chance outside of the vessel, but it's fear wouldn't let it come out of it's comfort zone. (Love Stories? Read another story about Life Lessons and Comfort Zone)

As long as I don't face trouble I will stick to this job; I don't want to make any mistakes; I am afraid, if I fail, it will spoil my name in the society; 

Everyone of us might have heard the above statements from outside or inside of our mind. These are all come from our comfort zone.

If everything goes smoothly, you are not in the path of your destination, 'WRONG PATH ALERT'.

If a child wants to stay in its comfort zone, it won't sit, won't stand, won't walk, won't run. It will simply lie down and be in that position. But, is it destined to sleep for all of its life? Ofcourse NO. 

I am not asking to quit the job, or start a business. You may be an employee, an artist, an entrepreneur but don't settle for less

Do mistakes, Learn new things, Be creative, Be grateful and grow daily. 

And remember, getting out of comfort zone is a continuous process. Once you are out, you will find yourself in a new one. You have to continually break them to grow.

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