What is the best investment in the world? 

If you ask an Investment Banker, he will recommend Stock Market. If you ask a Business Man, he will suggest a startup or a business. If you ask a Real Estate Person, he will ask you to invest in Real Estate. And if you ask a conservative person, he may suggest something like Gold or bank Investment. Which one is correct?

If you ask me, I would suggest to invest in your own self first. 

One should invest time & money to sharpen his skills always and I think, it is the best investment one could ever make. 

Because the stock market can crash, a business may go down, the price of real estate or gold may go down. But if one has skills which match or precede the market expectation, he will always find a way to become successful again.

For a skilled person, even a crashed market, a messed up business, a down valued commodity brings an opportunity. One who knows his worth, will earn more than his losses. 

People who knows the story of Napoleon's re-entry from Elba knows how one's worth is, when compared to other material stuffs. let me explain it shortly,

On one hand, the former emperor of France, The Great Napoleon Bonaparte with 700 men who were escaped from Elba Island where they were banished from entering France. On the other hand, The current, infamous emperor of France Louis XVIII with the full French Army and the support of European Countries. 

On landing on France, Napoleon and his small army had to face the regiment sent by the then emperor Louis. Here comes the interesting part, Instead of facing the French regiment in battle, Napoleon faced them alone and when they were in shooting range, he shouted 'Here I am, Kill your Emperor if you wish'. The entire regiment stunned but responded with Vive L'Empereur and joined forces with him. 

On the way to Paris, the regiments in the way joined forces with Napoleon and he took over the kingdom without even a single fight. The infamous emperor fled away from France.

What do you think earned this victory to Napoleon? He was not born in French Monarch family but a self made Emperor. Think of a man, alone, facing a full regiment with weapons, but made them loyal to him with a single sentence. 

What he did exceptional? What he did was, he invested in himself from his early days which reflected in his leadership and authority. Even though he had so many superior enemies inside and outside of France, he became a legend. 

Not only Napoleon, all legends invested in their skills. Their path may differ, but their passion towards their skill development and knowledge earned them respect. 

So my request to the fellow readers are, invest for future, not only in material things, but also in personal development and skill development

As Leonardo DaVinci stated "Learning Never Exhausts the Mind" but will help you to achieve success. 

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Success is an important part in our life.  We associate success with our goals and thrive to achieve the goal. We also believe success will bring us happiness and as a result, all of us want be successful.  

But why some people are always successful, when others are just always dreaming? People with same goals may end up in the opposite sides of the success parameter. 

Then why people fail? 

There are so many factors contribute to success. In the same way, failures or setbacks, also contributed by many factors.

One of the main factor is, the effort we contribute towards our goal. Our achievements always depends on our efforts. That is the reason people are asked to dream big.

With a small goal, you cannot achieve big. To achieve big, your goal needs to be big and so your efforts.

Image Credit: Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels

Think of a person who wants to be rich a nd aim for a million. His goal is to be millionaire and he will plan towards millions. Obviously his efforts will be towards millions.

What if he aims for Billion? He will put his efforts for billion and he will end up as a Billionaire but he will become a millionaire before anyone who just aims for Millions. That is the power of belief.

We plan to achieve our goal and our actions depends on our plan. So, to become successful, first we have to believe we can achieve, "what others think impossible". 

There is no point in having the same goal as many people have. We should not think our selves as a competitor, we should think our self as the dominator in our expertise (Thanks to Grant Cardone for giving this wonderful thought).

Set your goals high, put your efforts more and don't settle for less. Because we are more worthier than we think.

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Everyone talks about the power of exponential. But do we know the power of average?

Being average is considered as a negative thing in the world of Successful people. Its true.

Before checking on the difference between Being Average and the power of Average, Lets clarify what is Average first.

What is an Average? 

A simple definition is "Aaverage is a single number taken as representative of a non-empty list of numbers." (Wikipedia).

So Being Average means, becoming a representative of a larger community which is obviously not a place for a leader or an Entrepreneur.  

But all successful people and Entrepreneurs using this average effectively for their success. If we analyze achievers, they have one thing in common. Consistency !!

Consistency is also measured by the average. The amount of effort put towards the goal not once, but daily for a period of time consistently makes the difference between achievers and losers.

Let's see with an example,

One wants to be fit and planning to take 50 push-ups per day. If he is consistent in his efforts, his average in a year may be around 50 and if he is not, no one knows where the count will be. 

The majority of people procrastinate the daily efforts thinking 'Okay, Let me skip today and from tomorrow I will do it'. But each and every day counts for the consistent effort and the power of average plays an important role here. 

Since each and every day efforts contribute to the Average, Successful people are keen in keeping their average good. They know that a single day effort is not gonna pay. The exponential effect happens only if your efforts are consistent and your average is good.

So keep your efforts consistent and your daily average towards your goal good. 

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Be Positive -  It is the magical word almost used by all of us. But, are we being positive all the time? It is easy to say than practice.

Before seeing How to, lets see Why should. 

Why should we have to be positive? 

Positivity may bring success or not, but it surely brings satisfaction. It will lead to contented life and more happiness than we think.

When you are being positive about everything, you are avoiding the jealousy, fear and anger. It will build confidence. And filling yourself with positive thoughts will set your subconscious mind to work towards to positive environments which will reflect in your outer world also. 

These may sound like magical and you may think, how one could be this much positive? But there are so many people proved that you become what you think. In short words, Positivity brings prosperity and satisfaction.

How to be positive? Being positive is in our nature. 

If we see the negativity thoughts in our mind, mostly they are because of jealousy, anger or out of fear. 

I can't do it / He did it because he had some luck / How could he afford that but I can't? Negative thoughts emerge from the emotions around it. 

Have you ever seen a  child who tells 'I can't walk / He can speak because he has some luck / How could she can play but I can't? No

Because, naturally the kids are not comparing themselves with others but learning from them. Since the kids don't have any negative thoughts, they are filled with positivity.  This is one quality we have to learn from kids. Don't Compare yourself with others, but try to learn from them.

So the first step is to avoid negativity. If someone buys a car, be happy for them. If someone is settled when you are struggling, wish them for their success. We don't know what struggles others gone through to come to this place. 

How Positivity leads to success?

Now we know the importance of positivity, but how it leads to success?

So many people set same goals, but only few of them able to achieve it. Do you know what is the common trait among those successful people? They believe they can.

Positive minded people see positivity around themselves and so they see opportunities around them. If you see more opportunities to your goal than the threats, you will eventually have confidence and you will pursue them. 

Obviously setbacks will be there. There is a reason why I called them setbacks not failures. Because positivity shows you more opportunities than the setbacks, your will to pursue the goal won't fade, but try to find another opportunity to seek. 

Also, there is a belief that our subconscious mind will make way for our will and if we program it to attain our goal and fill it with positivity, It will create opportunities. A negative mind will program our subconscious mind to find a reason for failure rather than retrospect the setback. 

I hope I have given a glimpse of how positivity works and how it will lead to success. 

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What is Personal Development?

If we see the development, world has gone through, one thing is evident. At any point of time, everyone thrives for betterment. Who doesn't wants to get better? In Science, Finance, Technology, Infrastructure and in every sector, humankind wants to excel continuously. 

What is the motivation behind that? I think, it happened when the single cell organism started to transform. From that day, depends upon the individual efforts, life changed and now we are in a modern era. 

So developing and upskilling are always part of human nature and when one try to apply this one's personal or professional life, it becomes Personal Development. 

So my simple definition for Personal Development is, improvement in our own space. It can be physical, mental, psychological or spiritual. But self improvement on daily basis towards a personal goal is Personal Development and it is essential for everyone.

Why the need for Personal Development?

Every human is different and has a lot of potential. We all have different circumstances and so have explored/exploring a lot of options. It gives all of us unique experiences. 

What to do with the experiences? Experiences shape humans. Depends upon our experiences, we choose our life. So what is the ultimate aim of life? The sector or Profession may differ, but everyone wants to excel in their field. Many people are in average or below average category. Few are excelled in their fields. 

Why? Developing skill or competence requires time and energy. People who dedicate themselves only can achieve and it is called as Personal Development. 

How to achieve Personal Development?

There is no perfect path for Personal Development. Since every individual is different, we can have a, somehow common plan, but everyone can create their own. Lets see some common terminologies and ideas on Personal Development.

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs:

Maslow -  An American Psychologist explained the personal development in terms of human needs. It is showed in pyramid shape having the basic needs in the bottom and Self Actualization in the apex.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs2
Credit: Androidmarsexpress, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Physiological needs - It is bottom of the basic needs such as food, water and physical rest. Without these basic needs, the aspiration for further levels wont proceed. Once they are satisfied, humans tend to look on the next aspirations.

Safety needs - After physical needs are satisfied, people look for the safety and security. A safe home, job security, economic safety and safe environments such as free from war, recession and natural calamities.

Belongingness and Love needs - When a person is satisfied with the basic needs and starts to feel safe, interpersonal needs tend to take precedence. Acceptance in society, Social and personal relationship needs come to picture. Lacking in this needs may lead to depression, loneliness and other psychological issues.

Esteem needs - Self-Esteem plays the role in this one. People work for respect from others and Self Respect. By mastering the skill or excelling in the work, one will have great respect for himself and will have a reputation and respect from society. 

Self-Actualization needs - This is the apex need in this hierarchy. Self Actualization is a stage in which a person achieves what he is capable of and in full potential. In this stage, a person will try to achieve what he can achieve most and becomes an idol. 

Experts states that a person, not only need to satisfy the previous needs, but also master them to have the aspiration to move to next stage. 

But, as I told, every human is different. Some experts also tell that depends on the mental desire, some may have higher aspiration even the basic needs are not satisfied. It is called meta-motivation and some people may achieve Self-Actualization even if the basic needs are not satisfied. 

Yes.. Some people don't fit in the crowd and they create records. I hope, I have given a glimpse on what is Personal Development. Lets see about them in detail in the future posts.

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