How and Where to start in Personal Development?


Most of us know, what is Personal Development and why personal development is important.

But how to start and where to start? There are so many books and blogs on Personal Development. 

I have started to read a few of them in the past week, and all of them tells us the same conclusion on where to start.

Personal Development may be defined in my own term  'Improving our personal self in a way either it can be in skills or in wealth or in knowing and increasing the potential'.

So basically it is a change, a change in behaviour, a change in habit or a change in lifestyle or a change we need to see in the world.

Where all it needs to be started? Does it need a push from environment? Most of the times, the push from our environment change us. 

But the best changes always happens from inside, same to the Personal Development. If it starts from within, it helps us to reach new heights.

Let it be learning a new skill, or changing a habit, or gaining wealth, all needs to start with a positive mindset. The mindset matters.

This is what I learned today. Personal Development always starts with training our mind. 

Focusing on our goal and eliminating the mental clutters free our thoughts and give a different perspective about our life.

There are many practices available to train our mind. Visualization, Affirmation, Prayer and so on.. The simple task is to pick a technique and stick to it throughout our journey.

Amazing results are obtained by training and programming the subconscious mind.  We will see the techniques and their methods in another post. 

Train your mind to think positive and you see positivity in your life.

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