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What I learned today (14/04/2021) - What is Procrastination and How to deal with it?

Let it be career growth or personal growth, everyone thrives to be successful, but only few achieve it. 

Do you know WHY??

There are so many factors in deciding success. Even-though some of the factors are unknown or visible only after the results, some known factors plays a major role in one's life ambitions. Few of them are Habits, Attitude and Skill-set. These visible factors can lead your life to upside or downside.

Today I am going to share about one of the factor which will lead you to your downside if not corrected. 


What is Procrastination? It simply means postponing the tasks. When we set targets, actionable tasks born. When we try to postpone the tasks, we lose our success rate. 

What will happen when we procrastinate? 

We have goals and, to achieve them, we set targets. When we set targets, we set daily/weekly/monthly/yearly tasks to achieve the target. We will be successful when we complete the tasks within the time limit. 

When we procrastinate a task, it will pile up in the queue and if we keep doing the same, we will eventually give up our goal while seeing the mountain of uncompleted tasks. 

It can be looked as simple, but depends on the excuses, Procrastination can be further divided. Lets see some of them.

Fear of failure

People who have the fear of failing, often procrastinate the task rather than fail. A simple solution to overcome this procrastination is, "Just START". There is no other way to gain confidence until we try. 

Addicted to Fun

Other set of people who wants to spend the time in fun activities rather than doing a boring task. Many people fall in this category. The solution to overcome this type of Procrastination is, Avoid fun at work, Make a schedule and stick to it. 

Busy Bees

Some people think they have a lot of time and procrastinate a task to the end but never get it done due to poor time management. These kind of people overload their day and have a lot on their plate. Only way to deal with this is, proper time management and understanding that everyone has a capacity. 

Desultory Person

People fall in this category starts the tasks with much enthusiasm but through time, give up on the tasks and set eye on a different goal. They procrastinate the tasks of previous goals and move on to the next one. These people often starts multiple targets and have difficulties in completing them. So they leave them and go to the next one. The only solution is not starting a new goal plans until the current one is finished.

Remember, that not all procrastination are same and each one has to be dealt with different approaches. But one question we need to ask when we try to delay is, "Is it good if I delay this task or will it cause delay in my success or decrease my success rate?"

Please feel free to give your feed-back and if you think this post is useful, please take a look on my previous posts. 


  1. At a time i fall into all these categories 😂 so sad 😌😌


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