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What is Personal Development?

If we see the development, world has gone through, one thing is evident. At any point of time, everyone thrives for betterment. Who doesn't wants to get better? In Science, Finance, Technology, Infrastructure and in every sector, humankind wants to excel continuously. 

What is the motivation behind that? I think, it happened when the single cell organism started to transform. From that day, depends upon the individual efforts, life changed and now we are in a modern era. 

So developing and upskilling are always part of human nature and when one try to apply this one's personal or professional life, it becomes Personal Development. 

So my simple definition for Personal Development is, improvement in our own space. It can be physical, mental, psychological or spiritual. But self improvement on daily basis towards a personal goal is Personal Development and it is essential for everyone.

Why the need for Personal Development?

Every human is different and has a lot of potential. We all have different circumstances and so have explored/exploring a lot of options. It gives all of us unique experiences. 

What to do with the experiences? Experiences shape humans. Depends upon our experiences, we choose our life. So what is the ultimate aim of life? The sector or Profession may differ, but everyone wants to excel in their field. Many people are in average or below average category. Few are excelled in their fields. 

Why? Developing skill or competence requires time and energy. People who dedicate themselves only can achieve and it is called as Personal Development. 

How to achieve Personal Development?

There is no perfect path for Personal Development. Since every individual is different, we can have a, somehow common plan, but everyone can create their own. Lets see some common terminologies and ideas on Personal Development.

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs:

Maslow -  An American Psychologist explained the personal development in terms of human needs. It is showed in pyramid shape having the basic needs in the bottom and Self Actualization in the apex.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs2
Credit: Androidmarsexpress, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Physiological needs - It is bottom of the basic needs such as food, water and physical rest. Without these basic needs, the aspiration for further levels wont proceed. Once they are satisfied, humans tend to look on the next aspirations.

Safety needs - After physical needs are satisfied, people look for the safety and security. A safe home, job security, economic safety and safe environments such as free from war, recession and natural calamities.

Belongingness and Love needs - When a person is satisfied with the basic needs and starts to feel safe, interpersonal needs tend to take precedence. Acceptance in society, Social and personal relationship needs come to picture. Lacking in this needs may lead to depression, loneliness and other psychological issues.

Esteem needs - Self-Esteem plays the role in this one. People work for respect from others and Self Respect. By mastering the skill or excelling in the work, one will have great respect for himself and will have a reputation and respect from society. 

Self-Actualization needs - This is the apex need in this hierarchy. Self Actualization is a stage in which a person achieves what he is capable of and in full potential. In this stage, a person will try to achieve what he can achieve most and becomes an idol. 

Experts states that a person, not only need to satisfy the previous needs, but also master them to have the aspiration to move to next stage. 

But, as I told, every human is different. Some experts also tell that depends on the mental desire, some may have higher aspiration even the basic needs are not satisfied. It is called meta-motivation and some people may achieve Self-Actualization even if the basic needs are not satisfied. 

Yes.. Some people don't fit in the crowd and they create records. I hope, I have given a glimpse on what is Personal Development. Lets see about them in detail in the future posts.

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