What is the Best Investment?


What is the best investment in the world? 

If you ask an Investment Banker, he will recommend Stock Market. If you ask a Business Man, he will suggest a startup or a business. If you ask a Real Estate Person, he will ask you to invest in Real Estate. And if you ask a conservative person, he may suggest something like Gold or bank Investment. Which one is correct?

If you ask me, I would suggest to invest in your own self first. 

One should invest time & money to sharpen his skills always and I think, it is the best investment one could ever make. 

Because the stock market can crash, a business may go down, the price of real estate or gold may go down. But if one has skills which match or precede the market expectation, he will always find a way to become successful again.

For a skilled person, even a crashed market, a messed up business, a down valued commodity brings an opportunity. One who knows his worth, will earn more than his losses. 

People who knows the story of Napoleon's re-entry from Elba knows how one's worth is, when compared to other material stuffs. let me explain it shortly,

On one hand, the former emperor of France, The Great Napoleon Bonaparte with 700 men who were escaped from Elba Island where they were banished from entering France. On the other hand, The current, infamous emperor of France Louis XVIII with the full French Army and the support of European Countries. 

On landing on France, Napoleon and his small army had to face the regiment sent by the then emperor Louis. Here comes the interesting part, Instead of facing the French regiment in battle, Napoleon faced them alone and when they were in shooting range, he shouted 'Here I am, Kill your Emperor if you wish'. The entire regiment stunned but responded with Vive L'Empereur and joined forces with him. 

On the way to Paris, the regiments in the way joined forces with Napoleon and he took over the kingdom without even a single fight. The infamous emperor fled away from France.

What do you think earned this victory to Napoleon? He was not born in French Monarch family but a self made Emperor. Think of a man, alone, facing a full regiment with weapons, but made them loyal to him with a single sentence. 

What he did exceptional? What he did was, he invested in himself from his early days which reflected in his leadership and authority. Even though he had so many superior enemies inside and outside of France, he became a legend. 

Not only Napoleon, all legends invested in their skills. Their path may differ, but their passion towards their skill development and knowledge earned them respect. 

So my request to the fellow readers are, invest for future, not only in material things, but also in personal development and skill development

As Leonardo DaVinci stated "Learning Never Exhausts the Mind" but will help you to achieve success. 

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