Why shouldn't we settle for less


Success is an important part in our life.  We associate success with our goals and thrive to achieve the goal. We also believe success will bring us happiness and as a result, all of us want be successful.  

But why some people are always successful, when others are just always dreaming? People with same goals may end up in the opposite sides of the success parameter. 

Then why people fail? 

There are so many factors contribute to success. In the same way, failures or setbacks, also contributed by many factors.

One of the main factor is, the effort we contribute towards our goal. Our achievements always depends on our efforts. That is the reason people are asked to dream big.

With a small goal, you cannot achieve big. To achieve big, your goal needs to be big and so your efforts.

Image Credit: Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels

Think of a person who wants to be rich a nd aim for a million. His goal is to be millionaire and he will plan towards millions. Obviously his efforts will be towards millions.

What if he aims for Billion? He will put his efforts for billion and he will end up as a Billionaire but he will become a millionaire before anyone who just aims for Millions. That is the power of belief.

We plan to achieve our goal and our actions depends on our plan. So, to become successful, first we have to believe we can achieve, "what others think impossible". 

There is no point in having the same goal as many people have. We should not think our selves as a competitor, we should think our self as the dominator in our expertise (Thanks to Grant Cardone for giving this wonderful thought).

Set your goals high, put your efforts more and don't settle for less. Because we are more worthier than we think.

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