Your thoughts become your reality

Your thoughts become your Reality - The magical words, almost used by all entrepreneurs, PD trainers, Success coaches and idol.

But, from an average person's point of view, how could a thought become one's reality? Actually thats the difference between an average person and a person who doesn't fit in the curve.

Let's take a living example. When every country in the world believed that rockets can be used only once to launch the satellites, Elon Musk had a different thought.  When everyone believed he was crazy to reuse a rocket, he achieved it.

Once, women equality was impossible, Banishing slavery was impossible, Even landing on moon was impossible but now we are trying to land humans on Mars. How's that happened?

Somewhere someone had a thought that it can be done and that thought transformed as an idea. With an idea and a strong will people achieved what others think impossible.

A thought, manifest into reality eventhough it seems impossible, when the person has strong will to carry. But how to get that strong will? By keep on thinking about that thought. Sounds easy but difficult to practice. 

Any average person can transform themselves to an extraordinary by cleverly selecting their own thoughts.

We have so many stories on how thoughts manifest in 'Think and Grow Rich' and 'The Power of Subconscious Mind'. If you want to change your perspective, I strongly recommend you to read those books. 

Fill your mind with positive thoughts, you will attract positivity, you will find opportunity even in failures.

Be Positive, Choose your thoughts carefully, Set a Goal, Work Smart and you will find yourself with the lot of opportunities to achieve what you want.

And remember, Universe always conspire to make your thoughts come true. Are you making it work for you or against you, is upto yourself.

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