Comfort Zone

Personal Development coaches and Motivational Speakers often touch this topic 'How Comfort Zone spoils people?'. 

Before checking it out, let's see what exactly is Comfort Zone. 

What is Comfort Zone?

People tend to think the position they have is safer and try to cling to it as long as possible when there is no issue. When there are no struggle, they become very comfort with what they are doing and avoid making mistakes, taking risks.

This zone, where they don't grow and feel comfort is known as Comfort Zone.

One may ask, what is wrong with it? Since there are no trouble, why one has to leave it?

Let me answer through a story,

There was a frog in a vessel full of water. The vessel was heated and the water became warm. 

The frog started to enjoy it and believed it's warm & cozy. It afraid the temperature outside of this vessel would be cold and rough. 

When time goes, the heat gradually increased and the frog adjusted itself to the heat. Everytime, it told itself that it cannot survive outside of this vessel.

When the temperature hit unbearable, it couldn't survive even inside the vessel and it wasn't able to jump outside. 

The frog had a chance outside of the vessel, but it's fear wouldn't let it come out of it's comfort zone. (Love Stories? Read another story about Life Lessons and Comfort Zone)

As long as I don't face trouble I will stick to this job; I don't want to make any mistakes; I am afraid, if I fail, it will spoil my name in the society; 

Everyone of us might have heard the above statements from outside or inside of our mind. These are all come from our comfort zone.

If everything goes smoothly, you are not in the path of your destination, 'WRONG PATH ALERT'.

If a child wants to stay in its comfort zone, it won't sit, won't stand, won't walk, won't run. It will simply lie down and be in that position. But, is it destined to sleep for all of its life? Ofcourse NO. 

I am not asking to quit the job, or start a business. You may be an employee, an artist, an entrepreneur but don't settle for less

Do mistakes, Learn new things, Be creative, Be grateful and grow daily. 

And remember, getting out of comfort zone is a continuous process. Once you are out, you will find yourself in a new one. You have to continually break them to grow.

Happy Learning. If you find this post useful, you may like my other posts also. Please take a look at them and give me your feedbacks :)

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