What is procrastination and How to deal with it effectively


"I am so Busy on the presentation, I will workout tomorrow", "It won't take much time, I will do it just before deadline", "Calling this person will take so much time, I will call when I have free time". These are very usual thoughts we have on daily basis. But do we know, by allowing these thought and delaying our activities, we fall into the habit of delaying? 

What is Procrastination?

The habit of delaying our activity or task is called procrastination. Some people may have a thought, 'Why it is bad? Anyway I am going to complete that task in the end or I am gonna call that person when I am free. What is bad about it?'. 

The task we delay today either becomes Urgent task or negligible task. If it becomes urgent, it creates stress and if it becomes negligible, its importance is lost. Either way, we are losing our health or one step towards our goal.

Lets see with an example,

If you have an exam which you must pass in the end of month, but you procrastinate the preparation, you will feel very much stressed at the near of the exam. Initially the preparation task will be in 'Important not so urgent' zone but will fall under 'Important and Extremely urgent' and you will feel lot of pressure. It may affect both your grades and health due to lot of pressure. 

If you are a blogger, and you set a task to blog consistently. But when it comes to blogging, you procrastinate. Over a period of time, your daily task will lose its importance and you have to start everything from the scratch. 

Procrastination makes us lose our health, our opportunities, our Goal and our success. Once it becomes  a habit, we fail to acknowledge it and it may drift us backwards in our professional as well as personal life without our knowledge.

How to overcome it?

Overcoming procrastination is not a one time war, Its everyday war. 

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