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A Life Lesson is something we learn once but useful throughout our lives. Some lessons come through various experience and some of them really come with a price. 

Do we always have to pay a hefty price for these lessons? For most of them, No. Because you may not have enough time and strength to make all of those mistakes. That is the reason people pass their experience and knowledge to the next generation through stories and books. 

One need not to suffer to gain experience if he/she is smart enough to learn from other's mistakes. But we are often too blind to learn even from our mistakes. 

So from today onwards, lets take some time to learn from others experiences. And lets directly go to one of that lessons.

Three Fishes And Their Fate: 

There were three fishes in a pond and they were friends. They lived in that pond for a long time. Their name were Wise, Reactive and Lazy.

Three fishes story in srinisspace

Three Fishes:

Wise is really wise and used to make decisions and not afraid of changes. Reactive is okay to change but if it is only forced. Lazy reacts slow, never adapt and often accept whatever happens as fate.

The Fate:

One day, some fishermen came to the pond and became happy when seeing so many fishes in the pond. They planned to catch the fishes from the pond the next day. Wise always watch for the environment. It hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. It already had a backup plan if something went wrong. So it predicted the outcome and approached the other two with its plan. It proposed to escape from that pond and go to the nearest water surface even-though they are not sure how much they can adapt. 

Reactive thought Wise is overreacting and it will do something if something happens and Lazy, not at all interested in leaving the pond. So the Wise escaped from the pond through a channel and the new place was difficult to adjust but had a lot of resources.

The next day, the fishermen came and started to capture the fishes. On seeing this, the Reactive approached the Lazy and asked Lazy to come with it. Lazy refused, saying pond is their house, nothing would happen to them and there was no life for them outside of the pond. But, after a lot of struggle, the Reactive escaped from the pond. It was also happy, atleast it took a right decision at a right time.

The Lazy, believing that nothing bad would happen, stayed in the pond and got captured by the fishermen. 


The pond is our Comfort Zone. People who stuck in their comfort zone for a long time, will eventually end up like Lazy. But who predict and escape from their comfort zone even before something worse happens, become leaders and very successful people. They tap their potential at early and set their footprint on whatever the field they are on.  People who atleast try to leave their comfort zone when they start to face the issues, will end up in middle of those two. They are ordinary but surviving majority.

In which layer do you want to fit yourself? Are you going to lead? or are you going to be average? or gonna stuck in the same pond for the rest of your life? 

The decision is yours and only you are responsible for your decision. Get out of Comfort Zone, Embrace the change and see a new world.

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