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Path to Success


There are a lot of blogs, videos, and courses trying to explain what is success and how to achieve it. This is an intro post for a series of posts about my personal experience/thoughts about Success and how I am trying to achieve it. 

I have read a lot of books on self-development and a common link between all of them in one word is 'belief'.  
If you want to get succeed, you have to believe that you will succeed. 

But is the belief enough? No

Without action, it is just a belief. How to make your belief into some action, which will make you succeed in your passion or work? Where to start and what to start?

Here comes the major part - Goal Setting. If you turn your belief into a Goal, it becomes achievable. 

Once Goal setting is done, if you set the roadmap for your goal with daily, weekly, monthly Targets, it becomes actionable. It may sound a little boring, but slicing the goals into small achievable action items makes it easier to achieve the larger goal.

Once we have these targets set, we have a clear picture of where we stand and what is the next step. And completing small targets will give a feeling of accomplishment which will further motivate us towards our goal.

Most people set goals and targets but they are not able to achieve their goal and they dropped in the middle. Do you know what is the reason? Targets

Targets can give you a feeling of accomplishment when you achieve them but can break your self-esteem if you don't complete them in a timely manner. When your self-esteem reduces, you will have a doubt in your belief and eventually drop it after some time. 

Again, it all because of your belief. When you believe you can and when you believe you cannot, both are true. 

Then how to make sure that our self-esteem is not getting low? Simply by achieving the targets, as per our schedule. Here comes the major player in success - Time Management. 

Most successful people, knowingly or unknowingly have the habit of dedicating time to their goal. Time management plays a vital role in achieving your goals. 

What exactly means Time Management?

It simply means, using your time wisely to be more productive and making time for all necessary tasks. If we have clear targets and managed our time effectively, then we have almost achieved half of our goal. With skill development, Hard-work and Perseverance, we can accomplish our goal. It may sound easy, but it is actually a rough road.


In the next posts, we will see in deep about Goal Setting and Time Management.


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