Path to Success - Target Setting Process


As a recap, lets see the steps in the Path to Success,

1. Belief

2. Setting Goal

3. Targets

4. Time Management

In our last posts in this series, we have seen, How a belief can change our life and How to set a Goal. In this one, lets see about Targets and how it will help us to achieve our goal.

What is a Target?

When we define our Goal as our long-term vision with a definite date, Targets are tangible, actionable items.

Target is a small chunk of our Goal. When we slice our Goal into yearly, Monthly, weekly and daily action items, it is called targets. 

Why we need Targets?

There is a popular quote by Desmond Tutu, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time". It is a perfect example of Goals and Targets. If our Goal is eating the elephant and our targets are "One bite at a time". 

Our Goals are big and cannot be achieved over night. So we set targets to achieve it. In simple words, Targets are nothing but small Goals of short term. 

Since targets are tangible and achievable immediately, they are giving a satisfaction. The daily accomplishments gives a boost to our self confidence and creates a positive impact on our mind about the Goal. The more we achieve the daily targets, the more possible we can achieve our Goal.

How to set Targets?

The first step in creating targets are planning wisely. We have set our goals and an accomplishment date for it. Now we have to split these Goals into action items. 

For example, if you have a 10 year plan, split it into 2, 5 year plans. Write down, what you want to achieve in first 5 years and then convert it further into 5, 1 year plans for the first 5 years.

Now we have sub goals for each years for first 5 year. We are clear where we have to go in next 5 years. Now slice the first year goal more into monthly plans. Set target for every month and dig it further to weekly targets and daily targets.
Path to Success - Target Setting Process
Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels
Once we have these targets, note down them and prepare To-Do List of the target items for atleast an year. If you can prepare for your entire Goal journey, it will be good. But we have to consider the failures and backlogs also. So I have mentioned only first year plan. 

How to stick to the plan?

Now we have targets for the day, week, month and for an entire year. Next important thing is, review them periodically. Have the To-Do list in handy and make sure you complete all your important tasks for the day before going to bed and plan for next days tasks. 

If new tasks are added, don't do them before you record them in the list. As 20/80 rule states, 20% of our actions are accountable for 80% of our results. So identifying the most effective items in our list and do them first will contribute to 80% of our success. Remaining 80% tasks are less effective and keeps us busy but contribute little to nothing to our Goal. So follow the list and prioritize your tasks to avoid missing the important targets.

Lets see about how to set priority to our task list and how to accomplish that 20% of targets easily in our next post.

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