Will getting up early make you successful?


Everyday is a new opportunity to learn. Yesterday it was Mindset and Today it is about the habits of successful people.

I was reading various articles about successful people's habits and the quite common one among all of them are 'Wake up Early everyday'. 

Yes, we know, it is a good habit, but how it make a person successful? While reading those articles, I also had a doubt. I personally know many early risers but most of them are not successful (at least in the common point of view) and few of them, they even have low self-esteem. 

Then how can we tell, the above point is true?

I dug some more, where I found an important thing. 

Not most of the early risers are considered as successful people, but most of the successful people are early risers. 

Means, not only raising early give success, but how we make use of the time and plan for the day, once we wake up gives the boost we needed to be successful.

I can wake up early in the morning and play a game for 3 hours before starting to work. If I continue this, Am I gonna be a successful person (until I find a way to turn my passion of gaming into a business).

I can wake up early and prepare a todo list with the daily tasks and spare the extra time I have in the morning for reading or writing a post. Isn't this the way one should start the day, if he wants to be successful?

Getting up early may be a behavior, but the choice is ours to 'make the most use of time and be protective' or 'waste it and have instant gratification'. 

Successful people tend to choose the first and increase their success rate in achieving their goal. 

Are we going to wake up early and use the time wisely? Because time and tide wait for none.

'Early Bird Catches The Worm' - William Camden 

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