Will getting up early make you successful?


Everyday is a new opportunity to learn. Yesterday it was Mindset and Today it is about the habits of successful people.

I was reading various articles about successful people's habits and the quite common one among all of them are 'Wake up Early everyday'. 

Infact waking up early is considered as a sign of hard work and believed as a virtue in many cultures. We may even come across varius lists of successful people who even start their day at 3 AM. 

But is it what makes the successful people successful?

We personally know a lot of people who are early risers but not successful(at least in the common point of view) and few of them, they even have low self-esteem. Then how this habit is associated with success?

Morgan Housal explains in "Psychology of Money" that trying to follow the same footprints of others may not be helpful since the circumstances differs. Instead we have to get the collective behavioural analysis of bunch of people and we can get an idea of what works and what not. 

If we apply the same, when it comes to successful people and waking up early, Every individual follows their own chart but what normal people miss but successful people do is, increasing their productivity with the time they got.

The misconception about productivity is, it is tied with work and people hate to think about it. But in reality, productivity doesn't mean increase in your work, it means increasing your efficiency(not only in your profession)

The people who think ahead of others/ do things ahead of others are constantly trying to achieve their personal productivity. They plan well and use all of their time for their own use. So when they wake up early and have extra time, they use it for their own good, instead of wasting it. That is the real little secret behind successful people and getting up early.

Habits may become helpful or useless depends on what other habits they are combined with. One can wake up early and play games for 3 hours before getting for work(Unless he/she finds a way to turn the passion of playing games into a profession) or he/she can improve his/her self by planning for the day, doing something for his/her goal. Here is how successful people differs with the rest of the crowd. They turn their extra time into their productive time and finds a way to achieve their goal faster when others waste the extras.

It is like. whenever you have some extra money, instead of buying unwanted things, investing it to multiply. When you are good at investing, the result will be amazing. In the same way, if you can plan well and use your time wisely, the achievements it bring will be enormous. But if you waste it, there is no use in waking up dearly, instead you could have a good sleep.

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