How Positive Thinking leads to success?


Be Positive -  It is the magical word almost used by all of us. But, are we being positive all the time? It is easy to say than practice.

Before seeing How to, lets see Why should. 

Why should we have to be positive? 

Positivity may bring success or not, but it surely brings satisfaction. It will lead to contented life and more happiness than we think.

When you are being positive about everything, you are avoiding the jealousy, fear and anger. It will build confidence. And filling yourself with positive thoughts will set your subconscious mind to work towards to positive environments which will reflect in your outer world also. 

These may sound like magical and you may think, how one could be this much positive? But there are so many people proved that you become what you think. In short words, Positivity brings prosperity and satisfaction.

How to be positive? Being positive is in our nature. 

If we see the negativity thoughts in our mind, mostly they are because of jealousy, anger or out of fear. 

I can't do it / He did it because he had some luck / How could he afford that but I can't? Negative thoughts emerge from the emotions around it. 

Have you ever seen a  child who tells 'I can't walk / He can speak because he has some luck / How could she can play but I can't? No

Because, naturally the kids are not comparing themselves with others but learning from them. Since the kids don't have any negative thoughts, they are filled with positivity.  This is one quality we have to learn from kids. Don't Compare yourself with others, but try to learn from them.

So the first step is to avoid negativity. If someone buys a car, be happy for them. If someone is settled when you are struggling, wish them for their success. We don't know what struggles others gone through to come to this place. 

How Positivity leads to success?

Now we know the importance of positivity, but how it leads to success?

So many people set same goals, but only few of them able to achieve it. Do you know what is the common trait among those successful people? They believe they can.

Positive minded people see positivity around themselves and so they see opportunities around them. If you see more opportunities to your goal than the threats, you will eventually have confidence and you will pursue them. 

Obviously setbacks will be there. There is a reason why I called them setbacks not failures. Because positivity shows you more opportunities than the setbacks, your will to pursue the goal won't fade, but try to find another opportunity to seek. 

Also, there is a belief that our subconscious mind will make way for our will and if we program it to attain our goal and fill it with positivity, It will create opportunities. A negative mind will program our subconscious mind to find a reason for failure rather than retrospect the setback. 

I hope I have given a glimpse of how positivity works and how it will lead to success. 

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