The Power of the Average

Everyone talks about the power of exponential. But do we know the power of average?

Being average is considered as a negative thing in the world of Successful people. Its true.

Before checking on the difference between Being Average and the power of Average, Lets clarify what is Average first.

What is an Average? 

A simple definition is "Aaverage is a single number taken as representative of a non-empty list of numbers." (Wikipedia).

So Being Average means, becoming a representative of a larger community which is obviously not a place for a leader or an Entrepreneur.  

But all successful people and Entrepreneurs using this average effectively for their success. If we analyze achievers, they have one thing in common. Consistency !!

Consistency is also measured by the average. The amount of effort put towards the goal not once, but daily for a period of time consistently makes the difference between achievers and losers.

Let's see with an example,

One wants to be fit and planning to take 50 push-ups per day. If he is consistent in his efforts, his average in a year may be around 50 and if he is not, no one knows where the count will be. 

The majority of people procrastinate the daily efforts thinking 'Okay, Let me skip today and from tomorrow I will do it'. But each and every day counts for the consistent effort and the power of average plays an important role here. 

Since each and every day efforts contribute to the Average, Successful people are keen in keeping their average good. They know that a single day effort is not gonna pay. The exponential effect happens only if your efforts are consistent and your average is good.

So keep your efforts consistent and your daily average towards your goal good. 

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