The stages in developing a skill


Yesterday I learned about How and Where to start in Personal Development. As a continuation, today I learned the common 4 stages in developing our-self in any skill we need to improve.

What are those common 4 Stages?

These 4 stages are called "Four Stages of Competence" or "Conscious Competence learning model". Lets see the four stages

1. First Stage - Unconscious Incompetence

In this stage, we don't have an idea about the skill or we don't know where we stand. For example, If you want to learn and play football, at first you don't know your skill levels untill you try to play. This level is called Unconscious Incompetent. 

The person who wants to develop a skill, unaware about their level or unconsciously incompetent in that skill. Most people, due to fear of failure, reside in this stage without trying. To break it, all we need to do is, "DO IT NOW" attitude.

2. Second Stage - Conscious Incompetence

We have tried and we have some knowledge on where we stand. Once we tried to play foot ball, we can assess how we played - A rookie or an intermediate or a pro. In this level, people know they are incompetent and also they know where they stand, So this level is called Conscious Incompetence.

3. Third Stage - Conscious Competence

Now we know we are incompetent and also we know what is our strength and weakness. We create a goal, plot a plan and stick to it, to achieve the skill. Gradually we become good at it. We implement the daily tasks and prepare our-self to master the skill. We become competent in a skill but playing Consciously to be good at it. This stage is called Conscious Competence.

4. Fourth Stage - Unconscious Competence

The final stage. We became good at a skill and after consistent efforts and training, the skill becomes part of our behavior. We have mastered it very well that we don't even have to think and subconsciously we act. Also the person has the ability to teach it to others depending on the skill.

These are amazing steps to develop any skill. Through time and effort it becomes an art and we become the master of any skill set.

It is a pleasant day I have started by knowing these stages and trying to implement it to my life. 

Personal Development is a much needed for every human and it will help you to achieve your desires, let it be excelling at a skill, training your body or mind, becoming wealthy or anything which improves your life.

I hope this post is helpful. Feel free to give your feedback and please subscribe to get notification on future posts.

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